• 1. The signing of the booking form by the ‘party leader’ confirms acceptance of the terms and conditions set out forthwith, and shall be binding on the ‘party leader’ and occupants of ‘Halls Florida Villa’. By submitting an electronic copy of the booking form you are accepting these terms and conditions.

  • 2. No single sex parties or guests who are all under the age of 21 will be permitted.

  • 3. No Pets allowed.

  • 4. ‘Halls Florida Villa’ is strictly a no smoking villa. Smoking is not permitted in side or outside. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your security deposit.

  • 5. The ‘party leader’ is responsible for ensuring that the alarm is activated each time the villa is left unoccupied. Failure to set the alarm, in the result of a break in, will result in, the ‘party leader’ being liable to replace any loss/stolen and/or broken items.

  • 6. To ensure comfort, security and peace of mind ‘Halls Florida Villa’ is registered with the state authorities and is in full compliance with all the relevant legislation.

    Rental Period

  • 7. Rental periods generally consist of Saturday-to-Saturday bookings; however, as private owners we are flexible.

  • 8. Stays of less than 7 nights will incur a cleaning fee- currently $80.

  • 9. Occupancy from 4pm local time on day of arrival, and villa must be vacated by 10 am on your morning of departure.

  • 10. Late Checkouts are available, and need to be confirmed prior to check out - otherwise fees will be incurred.

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  • 11. Together with your completed booking form, a non- refundable deposit of £100 ( $175) per week is due within 7 days of your provisional booking. Upon receipt of your deposit, written (electronic) confirmation will be sent.

  • 12. Payment of the balance is due 12 weeks prior to your arrival date.

  • 13. Four weeks before your departure lock box codes, address, gate code and the alarm code will be sent – electronically.

    Security Deposit

  • 14. The ‘party leader’ is solely responsible for any damage or breakages that may be caused to the property or its contents during your stay.

  • 15. A refundable security deposit of £250 ( $375) is due prior to your arrival, UK guests can send post dated cheques; USA guests can call our dedicated Management Company, KDB Vilas to hold credit card details.

  • 16. The Security deposit is returned to guests upon successful inspection after departure. KDB Villas checks ‘Halls Florida Villa’ prior and after EVERY guest and will advise us of any damage that has not been reported.

  • 17. We retain the right to utilise the security deposit to amend any damage that may be caused, in the unlikely event of this happening, we will provide receipts.

  • 18. We reserve the right to peruse guest for recompense for any damage caused that may exceed the value of the security deposit, and will require payment within 14 days of this notice being given.

  • 19. Florida has a sub tropical climate and care must be taken with food that is left uncovered. Uncovered food can attract insects very quickly. Any added cost for pest control services incurred through lack of care may be passed on to you.

    Safety & Security

  • 20. To comply with state fire regulations under no circumstances may more than the maximum numbers of persons identified on the booking form occupy the property. ‘Halls Florida Villa’ is licensed for 10 people to stay in it.

  • 21. The swimming pool is used entirely at the guests own risk and ‘Halls Florida Villa’ accept no responsibility or liability for any accident which occurs in the pool area. The ‘pool area’ is defined as the area within the enclosed screen.

  • 22. No diving is allowed.

  • 23. Children are to be supervised at all times.

  • 24. Glass is not permitted on the pool area, plastic tumblers and plates are provided for your convenience.

  • 25. The laptop is provided for guests to use, however, ‘Halls Florida Villa’ is not responsible for the content of any ‘pop up’s’ that may occur. Adult supervision is advised at all times and children should not be left unattended. There is a basic anti virus software, and occasionally unsuitable material may appear on the screen, please be aware of this. FREE WIFI is available from the Clubhouse.

    Cancellation by Guests

  • 26. In the event your party needs to cancel – written notice must be given as soon as possible – the following cancellation charges apply.

Cancellation Notice

Cancellation Cost

12 or more weeks before departure Initial deposit only
8 to 12 weeks before departure 25% of the total charge
5 to 8 weeks before departure 50% of the total charge
less than 4 weeks before departure

100% of the total charge 

(not including the security deposit)

  • 27. Failure to pay the final balance by the due date – 12 weeks prior to departure, may result in the loos of your deposit and booking. If payment is not received, we will endeavour to contact the party leader, but if no communication or payment is received, then regrettably, we reserve the right to cancel the booking and retain any monies paid.

  • 28. If there is a problem paying, please contact us as soon as possible at

  • 29. ‘Halls Florida Villa’ strongly recommends that all guests take out their own holiday, injury, cancellation and medical insurance cover at the time of booking.

    Cancellation by the Owners

  • 30. In the unlikely event that circumstances necessitate cancellation of a booking by ‘Halls Florida Villa’ – all monies will be refunded (without interest, compensations or consequential loss of any kind).

    Force Majeure

  • 31. ‘Halls Florida Villa’, accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage or alterations to the terms of this booking caused by events beyond our control, including, but not restricted to, war, civil commotion, flight delays or cancellations due to adverse weather conditions including volcanic ash, technical difficulties with transportation, alterations or cancellation by carriers, fire, flood, industrial dispute or any other event which is beyond our control.


  • 32. In the highly unlikely event that there is a problem whilst you are on holiday pertaining to the villa, the party leader, in the first instance should call KDB Villas, who will seek to resolve the problem. Your satisfaction with our villa is paramount and should you consider the matter to be of a serious nature you should then contact us within 7 days of your departure from ‘Halls Florida Villa’. However, please note that if the problem has not been reported to KDB Villas then we cannot accept any responsibility.


  • 33. LIABILITY – The property is privately owned and neither the owners nor the management personnel accept any responsibility whatsoever for personal injury, accidents, loss or damage to persons or personal effects, however caused.

  • 34. The owners and their agents reserve the right of entry at any time. (This includes such workers as pool maintenance, gardeners etc)


  • 35. This contract is subject to and shall be constructed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

We want our house to remain as clean and tidy for each and every guest, so we should be grateful 

if you would respect our home and treat it with the care it deserves. If you wish to discuss any of these terms and conditions, please feel free to telephone the owners, Suzy & Lee Hall, 

in the UK on +44(0)208 402 2986 or email